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NL Brand Toolkit - Copyright Notice

The copyright for the NL logo as published in the Government Gazette (Staatscourant) on 8 November 2019 rests with the State of the Netherlands (the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The state grants you a royalty-free non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the NL logo, under the following conditions:

The NL logo may only be used for the objectives of your organisation.

The NL logo may only be used in accordance with the house style guidelines as laid down by the State.

User rights apply for an undetermined period. The State explicitly reserves the right to end user rights unilaterally if the aforementioned conditions are not met. The State may also unilaterally end user rights in cases of abuse of the NL logo, use of the NL logo which in the opinion of the State is contrary to the interests of the State, or use in a way that the State deems is not in keeping with good taste, decency or morality.

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